Qwerofaucet may not be the highest paying Dogefaucet, but it is one of the user friendliest, because:

- Less and not annoying ads and Popups !
- No annoying Timer, claim every 24h 22 times without waiting!
- Instant payments to Faucethub, no theresold !
- 50% Lifetime Referral Commission ! Let your friends earn for you !

1.) Go to the main page, scroll down, until you see Step 1 and click on the "Visit this link to get DOGE extra when you claim!" Button.

2.) Wait a bit and you will be redirected to another site. Scroll down until you see the Captcha and click on it:

The captcha will tell you what to do, if your done click "Submit". Now click the "Click here to continue" Button.
3.) Now you should see a timer, when it runs out, you sould be able to click the "Get Link" Button!

1.) Put in your Dogecoin adress (must be linked to Faucethub) !
2.) Click on and solve the Recaptcha !
3.) Solve the Antibotlinks, by clicking them in the right order (showen in the Picture) !

Yes, it is. Qwerofaucet gives its users small amounts of cryptocurrency in return for viewing ads !

More instructions coming soon ! Any questions or suggestions? Write an email to: admin@qwerofaucet.tk !